Twisty puzzles

Twisty puzzles refer to mechanical toys that can be manipulated to be solved and unsolved, the most well known of these is the Rubik's Cube. I have a fairly expansive collection of such puzzles, which is made up of:


I exercise fairly regularly, mixing both strength training and cardio. My current routine is rather boring but I have previously done several sports including:

Video games

My favourite video games are: I also speedrun Fallout 3.

Computer Science

Of course computer science would be on here, would be a bit strange for me to be doing a PhD if that was not the case. I use C, C++, and JS most frequently; here is how I would gauge my proportional understanding:
                  C  ███████████
                C++  ██████████████
         JavaScript  █████████████
               Java  ████████
            Haskell  ██████
              OCaml  ████████
                PHP  █████
         SmileBASIC  ███████
x86/x86_64 Assembly  ██████████
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